With your eyebrow brides well sharpened, you must have noticed that the activity and publications of the blog were a little less frequent in recent weeks.
And no, no hacking in sight, but the lives of "Mareux" who take off little by little to new horizons.

That's it, more than two years since the adventure of the Les Marieuses blog began. Two years that we publish beautiful marriages, we share our beautiful ideas, our meetings, our advice and the discovery of new talents. With, over the years, the birth of a beautiful community and a craze that has always carried us, the blog today demands a 100% investment that we can no longer assume.

Towards new horizons

As with many of you, family and professional projects come and go and accelerate. The time to make choices is necessary.

On the one hand, Pauline has left his job as head of communication and created since the end of 2015 his small business wedding planner La Fabrique des Instants. Advice, contacts of service providers canons and passion for decoration: it remains at your side for the organization of your weddings.

On the other, there is Marine, who since the beginning of the year has taken up her duties in a beautiful foundation in Lyon where she manages communication.

In short, you'll understand, the days of great moms activates are linked and we juggle between baby, family and exciting jobs.

We tried to reconcile all this, the love of the blog, the chance to write about a rich universe of creativity, the joy of being read and followed by all of you. Unfortunately, it is clear that to continue this great adventure to the rhythm and the quality of publication and relationship that we wish is no longer possible.

Goodbye ?

So you are told, with great regret, Au revoir!
We do not doubt that you will continue to find beautiful ideas and tips on the web. And who knows … We will certainly come back one day with new projects.

A desire to blog

If you feel like a blogger / blogger, that the world of marriage makes you vibrate, that your brand needs a reference blog, … do not hesitate to contact us: contact@lesmarieuses.com , the Marieuses are in search of successors.