But what’s the name of the Christmas flower, anyway? The Christmas flower is a plant which gets many names such as parrot, cardinal, Christmas star flower, Poinsettia. You can use it in the decoration of the dining room, bathrooms, living room, kitchen, entrance hall and balconies because the red leaves have a great visual appeal.

Of Mexican origin, the Christmas flower was used by the Aztecs for the production of cosmetic dyes and dyeing of fabrics. The flowering period of the Christmas flower takes place between October and February, a time when the incidence of sunlight is higher.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home for the end-of-year parties with artificial or natural Christmas flowers. You can also learn how to make Christmas flowers to decorate your rooms in a simple, practical and inexpensive way. Enjoy the tips!

Christmas flower with candle decorates the dinner table

1- The Christmas flower is widely used in the decoration of the dinner table at the end of the year. Source: Studio Lab Decor

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Christmas flower: Learn how to care

The Christmas flower is produced on a large scale in Brazil and its main purpose is to decorate internal and external areas of the residences. If you want to give a special gift, offer a pot planted with the Christmas flower that symbolizes the desire for long life.

To keep the Christmas flower always beautiful and showy you need to put the plant in a bright spot and if possible with direct sunlight. Another important tip is to keep the Christmas flower away from wind currents to prevent the leaves from falling.

Although the Christmas flower is an extremely beautiful plant, avoid the direct contact of the milky sap with your skin because this latex species is toxic. The sap of the Christmas flower causes irritation to the eyes, swollen eyelids and difficulty of vision.

Christmas flower plant symbol

2- The Christmas flower is offered as a gift during the holiday season. Source: Flowers and flowers

You can find small pots of Christmas flower in the specialized stores of landscaping plants, supermarkets, fairs and floricultures. The red leaves of the Christmas flower are called bracts, i.e. modified leaves that stand around the flowers.

In the center of the Christmas flower are born the true and small flowers of the plant that are wrapped by a green tissue and a yellow gland.

Various Christmas flowers

3- The Christmas flower has several colors such as pink, cream, purple, salmon, yellow and white. Source: Flickr

The colored leaves around the flowers have the function of attracting the insects responsible for the pollination of the plant. To water the Christmas star flower, check that the soil is dry and add little water. In this context, do not use a garden hose, but a watering can. Remember that soaked soil rots the root of the Christmas flower.

How to make EVA Christmas flower: Decorate with craftsmanship

For you who want to elaborate the Christmas decoration with craftsmanship, learn how to make Christmas flower in EVA or felt without spending too much. EVA or felt Christmas flowers are very simple techniques and you can reproduce the natural plant for use in party decoration.

As making Christmas flowers in EVA or felt is a cheap activity, you can use and abuse the flowers in table arrangements, window and door decoration, Christmas trees, gift packaging decoration, napkin holders, Christmas garlands, in short, everywhere you want to decorate.

How to make EVA Christmas flower: Step by Step

  • Separate a piece of EVA in green or red;
  • Reserve glue and hot glue refill (Option: Instant glue for handicraft);
  • Get some scissors to cut EVA;
  • Leave a pencil or pencil and buy a small pearl;
Mold EVA Christmas flower

4- Mold of how to make Christmas flower in EVA or felt. Source: Vila do Artesão

As the mold above draws on EVA two flowers, two leaves and five petals. Cut out the EVA the pieces you scratched. On one of the flowers, make 0.5cm cuts at each junction of the leaves. Pass the glue on the small cuts and glue over the leaves one on top of the other.

EVA Christmas flower way of doing

5- Draw the mold on EVA. Source: Vila do Artesão

When you finish gluing the leaves you will notice that the Christmas flower has become more closed in appearance. Then, pass the cola in the middle of the inside out and glue over the other flower, intercalating the petals.

Christmas flower step by step

6- Stick the lower tips of the leaves. Source: Vila do Artesão

To mould the five petals, place a drop of glue on the bottom of the sheet and fold the two dots to shape. Then glue the leaves to the flowers in the center of the main flower. Make sure that all the leaves are glued together.

Christmas flower petadas

7- Stick the leaves in the center of the flower. Source: Vila do Artesão

Finish by sticking a small pearl in the center of the flower. You can make this flower of different sizes, just increase or decrease the design of the patterns. A great option on how to make Christmas flowers is to use colored felts such as green, red or gray.

Christmas flower with pearl glued on

8- Stick the pearl in the center of the piece to give the final finish. Source: Vila do Artesão

Christmas star flower: Make arrangements for your home

The Christmas star flower or poinsettia is characterized by wide red leaves that have in the center small yellow flowers. This plant is part of the traditional Christmas decoration because of its intense and vibrant color.

Generally the poinsettia is planted in small pots and you can make different kinds of arrangements or even use a single pot to place in the center of the table. It is very common to find large Christmas star flower arrangements in shopping malls, streets or gardens.

Christmas flower and Santa Claus vase

9- The poinsettia or Christmas flower star can be placed on tables or sideboards. Source: Decoration and Invention

The decorative poinsettia vases or Christmas star flower were adorned with the colors of Santa Claus’ clothes to decorate the rustic table at the Christmas party. Green leaves of plants were spread over the furniture to create a stripped atmosphere.

Christmas flower in centerpiece

10- The Christmas flower star was used as a centerpiece. Source: Pinterest

On the Christmas supper table, a poinsettia vase, two vases with mini pine trees and two white candles were used to create a cozy atmosphere. The red color of the Christmas flower repeats itself in the color of the two vases of the pine trees.

Check +35 environments decorated with Christmas flower

Guirlanda Christmas flower with parrot spout

11- The Christmas flower made of felt can be used in garlands. Source: Studio lab Decor

Christmas flower table arrangement

12- On the dinner table plates were used small pots with artificial Christmas flower. Source: Pinterest

Guirlanda parrot beak Christmas flower

13- The artificial Christmas flower is widely used in Christmas arrangements. Source: Pitacos e Achados

Christmas flower pinsettia arrangements

14- There are many Christmas flower colors that can be used to decorate various environments. Source: Studio lab Decor

Parrot's beak Christmas flower

15- The central arrangement and the print of the table plates are from the Christmas flower. Source: Menina de Atitude

White Christmas flower

16- The white Christmas flower is also widely used to decorate the Christmas supper. Source: Getty Images

Christmas flower with soldier

17- The Christmas flower is a traditional decoration of the end of year parties. Source: Getty Images

Christmas flower with glitter on the leaves

18- The artificial Christmas flower can be made with fabric and glitter application on the leaves. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower with candles on the dinner table

19- The arrangements with red candles and Christmas flower are a great option to decorate side tables in the living room. Source: Tea de Casinha

Christmas flower decorates table

20- The centerpieces made with cinnamon stick, dry pinecones, candles and Christmas flower are sold in stores specialized in Christmas decoration. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower is widely used in decoration

21- The red of the Christmas flower is intense and has a great decorative appeal. Source: HM Jardins

Christmas flower in handmade arrangement

22- Artificial arrangements like garlands are enriched with Christmas flower. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower in biscuit

23- The Christmas flower in biscuit is ideal for balcony arrangements. Source: Pinterest

Crochet Christmas flower

24- The Christmas flower crochet craftsmanship is widely used as appliqués for cushions and curtains. Source: Pinterest

EVA Christmas flower in white and red

25- EVA Christmas flower in red, white and silver with glitter. Source: Viviane Merlin

Christmas flower in felt

26- Christmas flower made of felt is ideal for decorating napkin holders. Source: Vila do Artesão

Christmas flower in guirlanda

27- The mini garlands use the Christmas flower to complete the decoration of the Christmas tree. Source: Mel Poole

Christmas flower in eva to decorate tree

28- The Christmas flower in EVA has pearl in the center of the flower as a finish. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower in garden

29- The Christmas flower can be planted in the backyard in several colors. Source: My Garden

Christmas flower in vintage utensils

30- The Christmas flower adorns vintage style utensils. Source: Studio Lab Deccor

Christmas flower on living room table

31- The silver cachepot in the center of the table is arranged with several pots of Christmas flower. Source: Andrea Rudge

Christmas flower in three little vessels

32- The ceramic pots with Christmas flower were decorated with striped ribbons in green, red and white. Source: Floral Signature

Potted Christmas flower

33- The rustic wood cachepot with Christmas flower was adorned with silver ribbon. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower decorates table

34- The centerpiece was made with several candles and many Christmas flower arrangements. Source: Paula Lorentz

Christmas flower decorates dish

35- The napkin holder was made with artificial Christmas flower, Source: For Inspiration

Christmas flower in bathroom decoration

36- The Christmas flower arrangement adorns the toilet at the New Year’s Eve party. Source: Blog Denize Lima

Christmas flower on the table

37- In the central arrangement of the table was used wheat, ribbons and Christmas flower. Source: Lê Diniz

Christmas flower to decorate tables

38- The green napkins are arranged with Christmas flower. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower for corner table

39- In the Christmas flower arrangement the bucket was used as a cachepot. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower for dinner table

40- The Christmas flower is the main highlight at the dinner table. Source: Getty Images

Christmas flower poisentia

41- The Christmas flower is a plant with meaning of long life. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower for table

42- Decorated table has a Christmas flower in highlight. Source: For Inspiration

Christmas flower hanging from a tree

43- The artificial Christmas flower is a beautiful tree ornament. Source: Getty Images

Poeinsethical Christmas flower

44- Detail of the center of the Christmas flower star. Source: Wikipedia

Arrangement formed with Christmas flower

45- Arrangement formed with Christmas flower. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower receives special lighting

46- Christmas flower receives special lighting. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower structured garland

47- Guirlanda structured with Christmas flower. Source: Pinterest

Christmas flower used in the decoration of centerpieces

48- Christmas flower used in the decoration of centerpiece. Source: Casa Abril

Special arrangement formed with Christmas flower

49- Special arrangement formed with Christmas flower. Source: Patricia Junqueira

Christmas flower poisentia in small pot

50- The centerpiece was made with transparent glass vase to place Christmas flower and colored balls. Source: Pinterest