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Have you chosen what your event’s souvenir will be? A good alternative is to use the box for a personalized souvenir with the colors or theme of the party, and put a special “mime” inside it to surprise your guests.

There are different materials for souvenir boxes, such as wood, acrylic and paper (the famous carton boxes). And the good news is that there are no rules to define which one will be used in your party, you can choose either by the aesthetics or the value; which varies a lot according to size and details.

Another advantage is that you can also explore your DIY skills to learn how to make souvenir boxes and have beautiful models made by yourself. That way, the souvenir becomes even more special!

Little box for birthday party souvenir with cupcake in it

1. Box for birthday party souvenir with cupcake inside – Via: Easy Decor

Because of that, today we’re going to talk about all kinds of souvenir boxes, give tips on what to put inside the souvenir box and even teach you how to make custom gift boxes. Check it out and get inspired with the images we selected!

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Acrylic souvenir box

If the idea is to have practicality when assembling the souvenirs, then choose the acrylic box for souvenir. They are easy to find and customize, and low cost compared to others.

You can add a bow of satin ribbon, delicate pearls or artificial flowers on the lid. You don’t need to put too many details, just enough to create a relationship between the party and the souvenir, allowing guests to keep the acrylic gift box with affection.

Acrylic souvenir box with mini sigh inside

2. Acrylic souvenir box with mini sigh inside – Via: Pinterest

Candies and sweets are the best options to put inside the acrylic gift box, because they are delicate and match with the gift box.

Wooden souvenir box

The wooden gift box (or mdf) is the most durable of all. However, besides representing a higher quality, the advantage of investing in this gift box is that guests can use it to decorate the house or help organize the room as well. It is very useful!

Some companies sell the mdf boxes for ready-made souvenirs, already customized according to the style you request. But, if you prefer, you can buy the raw souvenir box yourself, paint it, glue stones, prints, ribbons … Anything according to your party.

Wooden box for souvenir with various sweets inside

3. Wooden box for souvenir with various sweets inside – Via: Pinterest

In the image above, the mdf boxes for souvenirs were sanded and painted white. The lid was covered with a light grey lace, very delicate and finished with a satin ribbon loop of the same colour. The sweets gave the final touch to the souvenir box.

In addition to sweets (which work in all souvenir boxes), you can put drinks and other special gifts, which are suitable for the size of mdf boxes for souvenirs, such as room flavors.

Wooden wedding gift box

4. Wooden wedding gift box – Photo: Rosa Pittanga

How to make mdf boxes for souvenirs

  1. Sand the box to remove the imperfections;
  2. Give the first hand with white paint, wait to dry and pass the second hand;
  3. Pass the ink of your choice and let it dry;
  4. Decorate the souvenir box with the details of your preference;

Box of paper for souvenir carton

For those who don’t know it yet, the cartonage is a craft technique that uses gray cardboard, fabric and glue. Because of this, you can make this box with metallic prints, custom prints and unique details!

Wedding gift box

5. Wedding gift box – By: Sweet Things of Life

Because it is a completely handcrafted piece, buying the little box of paper as a souvenir can be more expensive. But we do not recommend trying to make this kind of box in case you do not have much experience with the technique, because it needs to be made with great care and whim, so that every detail is impeccable.

If you want to make a simple souvenir paper box, download a die carefully folding the box to get a good finish and a beautiful result.

What do you put in the souvenir box?

There are infinite gift options to use inside the gift box. The correct choice is according to the size of the souvenir box and the event. In the case of a souvenir box for best man, the box can have a personalized bowl, along with elements that the best man can use on the wedding day.

Small gift box with key inside

6. Box for souvenir with key inside – By: SCards

  • Sweets;
  • Macarons;
  • Cupcakes;
  • Drinks and bowls;
  • Custom keychains;
  • Enamels;
  • Book to paint;
  • Custom mugs;
  • Environmental flavors;
  • Handmade soaps;

Check out more souvenir box inspirations and get inspired!

Black wedding gift box with gold ribbon

7. Black wedding gift box with golden ribbon – Via: Pinterest

Wedding gift box

8. Wedding gift box with handmade soap – Via: Revista Artesanato

Plastic souvenir box with mini macaron

9. Plastic gift box with mini macaron – Via: Pinterest

Paper souvenir box

10. Small gift box with line and colored button – Photo: How to do it at home

Paper souvenir box

11. Paper souvenir box – Photo: Bodas de Cuento

Paper souvenir box

12. Paper gift box – Photo: Wedding Connexion

Paper souvenir box

13. Cake souvenir box – Via: Tips for Mommy

gift box

14. The paper souvenir box can be on top of the dining appliance – Via: How to do it at Home

Little black and gold paper souvenir box

15. Black and gold paper gift box – Via: Style Me Pretty

Candy box with candy in it

16. Box for souvenir with sweets inside – Via: Atelier Andrea Nocera

Small gift box made of rustic party paper

17. Small gift box made of paper for rustic party – Via: Pinterest

Box for a souvenir carton

18. Little box for souvenir with mug and sweets inside – Via: Pinterest

Paper souvenir box

19. Box for rustic paper souvenir – Via: Freepik

Acrylic gift box with candy inside

20. Acrylic souvenir box with candy inside – Photo: Paraná Brides

Wooden maternity souvenir box

21. Wooden box for maternity gift – Via: Web Comunica

Souvenir box with printed and personalized lid

22. Small gift box with printed and personalized lid – Via: How to Make Handicraft

Cream and purple souvenir box

23. Cream and purple gift box – Via: Pinterest

Acrylic box for souvenir with macarons inside

24. Acrylic gift box with macarons inside – Via: iCasei

Souvenir box

25. Souvenir box with macarons inside – Photo: Wedding Chicks

Wedding gift box

26. Wedding Remembrance Box – Via: Etsy

Little gift box carton

27. Small gift box – Via: SCards

Wooden box for wedding gifts

28. Wooden wedding gift box – Photo: Pinterest

Wooden box for godmothers' souvenir

29. Wooden box for godmothers’ souvenir – Via: Scards

Wooden souvenir box

30. Wooden gift box – Via: Pinterest

Wooden souvenir box

31. Wooden souvenir box – Via: VD Magazine

mdf boxes for souvenirs

32. Mdf boxes for souvenirs with pearls on the lid – Via: Iara Zanatta

mdf boxes for souvenirs

33. Mdf boxes for souvenirs with sweets inside – Via: Mercado Livre

Little gift box with tie inside

34. Small gift box with tie inside – Via: iCasei Magazine

Wedding Remembrance Glass Case

35. Personalized wedding gift box – Photo: Money Can Buy Lipstick

Wedding gift box

36. Wedding Remembrance Box – Via: Pinterest

Party gift box with flowers in it

37. Box for party souvenir with flowers inside – Via: Pinteresr

Candy box with candy in it

38. Box for souvenir box with sweets inside – Via: Boutique da Caixa

Wedding godmother's souvenir box

39. Wedding godmother’s souvenir box – Photo: Chic on the last one

Souvenir box with floral box

40. Souvenir box with flower box – Via: All Current

Little souvenir box with fabric flower and pearls

41. Box for souvenir with fabric flower and pearls – Via: Violet Invitations

Little gift box with lace and flowers

42. Souvenir box with lace and flowers – Photo: Etsy

Almond gift box inside

43. Souvenir box with almonds inside – Photo: Typography

Little souvenir box with colored macaroons inside

44. Box for souvenir with coloured macaroons inside – Via: Getting married is Cheap

Souvenir box with macaroons inside

45. Souvenir box with macaroons inside – Via: Zank You

Acrylic souvenir box with gold details

46. Acrylic gift box with gold details – Via: Etsy

Golden ribbon souvenir box

47. Golden ribbon souvenir box – Via: Guia Noiva Online

Wedding gift box with chandon and bowls

48. Wedding gift box with chandon and bowls – Via: Pinterest

Wedding gift box

49. Wooden wedding gift box with delicate and beautiful details – Photo: Mari Gold Grey

Wedding gift box

50. Wedding gift box with plant prints – Photo: Chic on the last one

Wedding gift box

51. Wedding gift box personalized with the godmother’s name – Photo: Etsy

Personalised wedding gift box

52. Personalised Wedding Remembrance Box – Photo: Weddings

Printed Wedding Remembrance Box

53. Stamped Wedding Remembrance Box – Via: Pinterest