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Do you dream of having a glamorous party, with bright details and airs of mystery? Then the masquerade ball theme is perfect for your birthday.

The theme is inspired by the city of Venice, known for hosting balls where people wear extravagant costumes and masks to dance and have carefree fun all night long.

The advantage of having a costume ball is that you can explore your creativity. If you like lighter and more colorful decorations, for example, you can incorporate elements from the carnival into the costume ball and leave everything else with your personality. The possibilities are endless!

Gold party ball mask

1. prom mask for golden party – Via: Pinterest

Did you like the idea of having a costume ball? Then see below for unmissable tips for having a sensational masquerade ball in every detail. Also take advantage of the images we’ve separated to be inspired when organizing your party. It’s really worth it. Check it out!

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How do you organize a costume party?

The first step is to define what the mood of your costume party will be like. Will it be something more relaxed and fun, with lots of colors and brightness (right in the carnival style) or more mysterious and sophisticated, like a real royalty ball? It is from this choice that you can define all the details of your party, as the place that will be held the event.

But before you close the masquerade party, you also need to have at hand the number of guests who will attend that day by your side. Ideally, the space should be proportional to the guests, so that everyone is comfortable during your party. Not too tight, not too big.

Masquerade ball with golden decoration and red flowers

2. Masquerade ball with golden decoration and red flowers – Via: Debora Cruz

Once you have defined the style, location and number of guests, you can move on to the second step: the decoration of the masquerade ball.

Decoration masquerade ball

As we speak, there are endless possibilities to decorate your costume party. However, the most common is the style of royalty dance, super sophisticated and glamorous.

The colors most used in this style of decorating masks are gold and black, which highlight the mystery of the environment. The birthday girl should wear gala dresses or suits that match the masks, as well as the guests.

Masquerade party with colorful decoration

3. Masquerade party with colorful decoration made of glitter and feathers – Via: Easy Decor

The masquerade ball is also known for its exaggeration. So you can use feathers, mix colors and striking details to create a striking decoration.

And if the idea is to bet on the carnival atmosphere, let that be even more prominent. However, change the black for super vibrant tones, as a way to ensure that the atmosphere is more relaxed. It’s even worth having the masquerade party outdoors, with loud music and lots of fun!

Purple mask at the masquerade party

4. Purple Mask at the masquerade party – Via: Pinterest

Masquerade cake

An indispensable factor in your decoration is the masquerade cake. It is the focus of your decoration, so make sure all his details are impeccable.

As most custom cakes are expensive, invest in the scenographic cake and serve the guests a cake of your choice. It’s easier and the party scene remains impeccable until the end.

In order not to miss, we indicate you to use all the elements of the party decoration in your costume cake, so harmony prevails. Below, you can see that the cake is in the party color palette (black, gold and red) and is decorated with red roses, to represent the candies on the candy table.

Dance masks 15 years

5. Ball masks 15 years black, gold and red – Photo: Olhar Atual Filmes

Speaking of sweets, besides choosing delicious flavors, surprise your guests with creative presentations that have to do with the chosen birthday theme. How about making cupcakes decorated with a mini prom mask? They also contribute a lot to the decoration.

Candy for custom masquerade ball

6. Candy for custom masquerade ball – Via: Easy Decor

Capriche in the details of the guests’ table

The trick to organize a beautiful table for the guests is to detail and know how to balance the colors of your party. Remember that your party needs to have harmony in every detail, so take special care to add everything in the right measure.

Decoration masquerade party

7. Decoration costume party – Via: Pinterest

Write down everything you’ll need for the guest table:

  • tablecloth;
  • Sousplat;
  • Dishes;
  • Cutlery;
  • Cups and bowls;
  • Napkin
  • Napkin holder;
  • Amazing centerpiece.

Special tip: leave the highlight of the table in the center of the table, however, so that the center does not disturb the view of the guests. It can’t be something at eye level, or you use a super high center, or leave it low, just with flowers.

Masquerade party centerpiece

8. Center table for masquerade party – Via: Pinterest

Invitation to a masquerade ball

Always make your birthday invitation after setting the party decoration. In this way, you can add elements that generate great expectation in the guests.

The masquerade invitation, besides indicating the basic data of your party (date, place and time), should indicate everything that the guest needs for the day, such as the style of clothing that the guests should wear and whether or not you will provide the masks. Leave everything well explained so you have no doubts.

Invitation to masquerade for luxurious parties

9. Invitation to masquerade for luxurious parties – Via: Pinterest

In the above masquerade invitation, for example, the birthday boy delivered a custom box with the mask that the guest should wear inside. However, this more elaborate type of invitation is very common at a 15-year-old masquerade ball. If you want to invest in something simpler, you can make the traditional invitation. It also works very well for the day.

Tips for choosing a beautiful prom mask

Your prom mask must be stunning. Use sparkles and details that make it unique at the party. But remember to match the mask to your outfit. It will be part of a set!

In the case of the 15 year old masquerade ball, change the mask at the beginning of the party to waltz.

Avoid the models you need to hold. They may get in the way during the party. The models you hold in your hairstyle are more practical for getting the whole masquerade ball with her – and not just the congratulations.

Ball Mask

10. Ball Mask matching the birthday girl’s dress – Via: Pinterest

“What about the male costume ball?”you must be wondering. It’s simple: the tip is the same. There is no difference in choice. You can define it in detail that suits you best.

men's masquerade ball

11. Silver mask for a male costume ball – Via: Pinterest

To ensure that all guests wear a prom mask, leave a separate table with different models for each to choose the option they like best.

If you prefer, you can also choose a standard template and place each mask on the guests’ table, so there is no confusion when choosing the template. This can happen during the masquerade ball 15 years, for example.

Check out our masquerade ballroom for inspiration!

Leave various masks available for guests throughout the party

12. Leave various masks available for guests during the entire male or female masquerade party – Photo: Current Movies

napkin for decoration of masquerade party

13. Napkin for decoration of costume party – Via: Inspired Bride

colored ball of masks

14. Corner of ball masks – Via: Isabelle Borilo

Silver ball masks with shiny stones

15. Silver ball masks with shiny stones – Via: Mercado Livre

prom mask

16. Capriche in your prom mask to have an amazing look on the big day – Via: Wedding Chicks

masquerade ball

17. Enjoy the masquerade ball to wear fancy and beautiful clothes! – Via: Zero Access

Masquerade ball

18. Candles and feathers are also great options to decorate your party – Via: Pinterest

Souvenir for masquerade party

19. Souvenir for masquerade party – Photo: Maria Fernanda’s Blog

Masquerade ball 15 years

20. Masquerade Ball 15 years decorated with pink flowers – Via: Mamacita

costume party

21. Black Mask for masquerade party – Via: Capricho

Personalized bowls for masquerade ball

22. Personalized bowls for masquerade ball – Via: Pinterest

Decoration masquerade ball

23. Decoration Masquerade Ball – Way: We Call

Masquerade ball with white decoration

24. Masquerade ball with white and sophisticated decoration – Via: Dekore Locations

Masquerade ball 15 years

25. Masquerade ball 15 years with debutante all in black for the waltz – Photo: Guto Ribas

Decoration masquerade ball

26. Masquerade ball decoration with gold details – Way: Sleeves Decoration

costume design

27. Use candy and custom details in your decoration – Via: Exithus Events

Ball masks

28. Black masks on the dinner table for guests to wear to the party – Via: Design up Living

Sweets for masquerade ball

29. Sweets for masquerade ball – Via: Doce Blog

Custom Box for Masquerade Ball

30. Personalized box for masquerade ball – Via: elo7

Colourful decoration inspired by masquerade ball

31. Colourful decoration inspired by costume ball – Via: Carnival Style

Masquerade ball

32. Masquerade Ball – Via: Buffet my party

Masquerade ball with golden details in the decoration

33. Masquerade ball with golden details in the decoration – Photo: Aline Duarte Decorations

Mask for ball party

34. Mask for ball party – Via: iCasei

Table with masquerade ball

35. Table with masquerade ball – Via: Paraná Brides

Pink mask in the party decoration

36. Pink mask in the party decoration – Way: Groomsmen Central

Buy beautiful masks for the guests

37. Buy beautiful masks for the guests – Via: Home and Hevens

Dining table for masquerade party

38. Dining table for costume party – Via: Mariages

Male Mask Ball

39. Male Mask Ball with Personalized Dinner Table – Via: ND Personalized Parties

Customized mascot cake

40. Custom Mask Cake – Via: Mikaela Trindade

Gold and purple decoration for masquerade ball

41. Gold and purple decoration for masquerade ball – Photo: Natalis Matumoto

Illuminated decoration for masquerade ball

42. Illuminated Decoration for masquerade ball – Way: Santos Decorations

Fancy Dance Mask

43. Fancy Dance Mask – Via: Parana Noivas

Personalized cup with beautiful blue masks

44. Personalized cup with beautiful blue masks for your costume ball – Via: Pinterest

Masquerade cake

45. Simple masquerade cake decorated with the colored masks – Via: Your Home

masquerade ball

46. The mask must match your personality – Via: Weddbook

Invitation to Mask Ball

47. Invitation to Masquerade Ball – Via: Zazzle

Masquerade cake

48. Masked cake with red roses – Via: The Pastry Studio

White and gold masquerade cake

49. White and gold masquerade cake – Via: Pinterest

Colourful and varied masks for the party

50. Colourful and varied masks for the masquerade party – Via: Marcos Santos

Black and red masquerade cake

51. Black and red masked cake – Photo: Sandro Azevedo Studio

Colourful decoration masquerade ball

52. Colourful decoration of costume ball – Way: Two Gums

Golden and pink decoration at the ball

53. Golden and pink decoration at the costume ball – Photo: Maria Encanto

Wall with gold mask

54. Wall with golden mask for masquerade ball – Via: Pinterest

Masquerade ball decoration with pink flowers

55. Masquerade ball decoration with pink flowers – Via: Red Carpet Event and Design

Simple masquerade ball style decoration

56. Simple Decoration masquerade ball style – Via: Cultura Coletiva

Sweets for custom masquerade ball

57. Sweets for custom masquerade ball – Via: Chiara Passion

Sweets for colorful and fun mask party

58. Sweets for colorful and fun costume party – Via: Lifes a Batch

Sweets for birthday with theme masquerade ball

59. Sweets for birthday with theme costume ball – Via: Pinterest

Personalized sweets for masquerade ball

60. Personalized sweets for masquerade ball – Via: Pinterest