The most traditional decorations of the Christmas tree are the Christmas balls. They are certainly key pieces of Christmas decoration and give that special touch to your home at this very special time of the year.

The most common colours of Christmas balls are usually red, gold and silver. However, it is increasingly easy to find Christmas balls in other colors and even in very different models and materials. In other words, there are Christmas balls for all tastes. And the coolest thing is that Christmas balls today are used in various types of Christmas arrangements and also to decorate the New Year’s dinner table, ensuring a personalized and beautiful decoration.

And if you want to have Christmas balls that are your face, if you want to adapt them to your decoration or even save money on decor, know that it is perfectly possible to make your own Christmas decorations at home! Here, we have made two super easy step by step how to make Christmas balls for your tree. Check it out and make your own custom Christmas balls!

Step-by-step-Natal Balls finalized

1. Make your own Christmas balls with sequins!

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How to make Christmas balls with sequins

How about making custom Christmas balls with sequins to make your Christmas tree even more beautiful? A different, cheap and creative touch! With our tutorial on how to make christmas balls with sequins, you’ll get all the information you need for that.

  • Level of difficulty: easy
  • Average cost per ball: R$ 5,00
  • Estimated execution time: 30 minutes

Materials needed to make your Christmas balls

  • Head-pin box
  • 6 cm Styrofoam balls
  • Red sequin pack (or the color you prefer)
  • Red satin ribbon (or any color you like)
  • Scissors
Material Christmas balls

2. These are the materials needed for our step-by-step how to make Christmas balls

Step 1: attach the sequins to the Christmas balls

Take the Styrofoam ball, position a sequin and secure with the head pin through the hole, going all the way to the end. Repeat the process, positioning the sequins side by side. You can use the line that marks the half of the Styrofoam ball and that already comes from the factory as a guide to make your custom Christmas balls.

Step 2: make new sequin rows

Start a new row of sequins from the space between one sequin and another from the first row and repeat the process until the end of the row. Then repeat the process with a new row and so on until you fill the Christmas balls completely, leaving only a space on top of them. Beware of the blank spaces!

Christmas balls step by step 5

7. Use the spaces between the sequins in the first row to start a second row on the Christmas balls

Christmas balls step by step 6

8. Do this very carefully until you almost completely cover your custom Christmas balls

Step 3: attach a satin ribbon to the top of the Christmas balls

When your custom Christmas balls are covered with sequins, cut a piece of satin ribbon approximately 10 cm and fold it in half. You will position the tips in the blank space you left free on top of the Christmas balls. Attach the ends of the satin ribbon with some sequins, thus filling the remaining space and giving a finish.

Your Christmas ball is ready!

Christmas balls step by step 11

13. That’s how you should get your Christmas balls decorated with sequins

How to make fabric Christmas balls

In the video below, you’ll find out how to make fabric Christmas balls. By testing both of the tutorials we’ve done, you’ll be able to have different and beautiful custom Christmas balls in your end-of-year decor!

Assemble Christmas ball kits

Now that you know how to make decorated Christmas balls to decorate the tree and your house, how about putting together beautiful kits to sell or give as a present someone special? You don’t need to make all the balls in the kit the same, you can innovate in the colors and details of the decorated Christmas balls.

Enjoy the Christmas balls decorated in the style of your Christmas decoration. This makes all the difference in the Christmas dinner result.

One idea is to put the Christmas ball along with a special Christmas card.

Gallery with more inspirations of beautiful Christmas balls

colored Christmas balls

14. Decoration with colored Christmas balls makes the atmosphere more cheerful

red ribbon Christmas balls

15. The transparent Christmas balls can be customized as you wish

Christmas balls with tree in them

16. Transparent Christmas balls with tree are beautiful

split Christmas balls

17. Transparent Christmas balls decorated with music scores are very creative

Christmas balls with fish in them

18. Christmas balls for those who are passionate about the sea, with toy fish inside

Christmas balls with prickly eyes

19. Christmas balls with crib design are a different way to decorate your tree

Christmas balls with plant branches

20. Transparent Christmas balls with plant decoration

Christmas balls-with-book clippings

21. Transparent Christmas balls with book cutouts inside

penguin balls

22. With a little glitter and Christmas balls you can make a unique decoration

gold and copper silver Christmas balls

23. Your Christmas balls can be decorated with silver, gold or copper ribbons

Christmas paintballs

24. Christmas balls that have been partially dyed can leave a very different mood

buttonhole Christmas balls

25. Christmas balls decorated with buttons, a charm in the tree decoration

pokemon Christmas balls

26. Christmas balls with sequins forming pokeball designs

snow white princess christmas balls

27. Snow White theme Christmas balls with sequins

princess elsa christmas balls

28. Christmas balls inspired by Disney Princess Elsa

princess moana christmas balls

29. Christmas balls inspired by Disney Princess Moana

christmas balls princess mulan

30. Disney Princess Mulan’s Christmas Balls

red Christmas balls with pearls

31. Christmas balls with pearls and star-shaped detail

beaded-christmas crafts balls

32. Christmas balls with beads

blue Christmas balls with perolasdiy-globe

33. Blue Christmas ball kit with half pearls

christmas-yarn button balls and line

34. Christmas ball kit made of lines and buttons

christmas-disney-christmas-mickey-mouse balls

35. Christmas balls with Mickey Mouse designs

snowman-family balls

36. Christmas ball kit with snowman design

white Christmas balls with beaded-christmas beads

37. White Christmas balls with orange beads

christmas balls colored buttons-christmas-ball

38. Christmas ball kit with coloured buttons and green bow

christmas balls

39. Frosted white Christmas balls with twig design

crystal Christmas balls

40. Transparent Christmas balls kit with silver trim inside

Christmas balls with lace and beads

41. Christmas balls with sophisticated lace details and beads

Christmas-Photo picture balls

42. Christmas balls with picture inside

button-ornament Christmas balls

43. Christmas balls with buttons forming the design of Christmas trees

paper-christmas balls

44. Paper and sisal Christmas balls kit

christmas balls-mickey

45. Mickey and Minnie theme Christmas balls

christmas balls

46. Christmas balls of colored string

sisal Christmas balls

47. Sisal Christmas balls and lace

trico Christmas balls

48. Knitting Christmas balls, very sweet.

star balls

49. Star made with red Christmas balls kit, a good choice of door trim or for the Christmas tree

black Christmas balls

50. For those who want to innovate, using black Christmas balls can be a good ask

red Christmas balls with beads

51. Red, green and gold Christmas balls with beads

Transparent Christmas balls with pokémon dolls Photo by Cindy Kohler

52. Transparent Christmas balls with pokémon dolls. Photo by Cindy Kohler

Red, green and gold Christmas balls Photo by Darice

53. Kit of red, green and gold Christmas balls in flashlight, forming a Christmas ornament. Photo by Darice

Christmas balls in shades of green and purple Photo by DigsDigs

54. Christmas balls in shades of green and purple. Photo of DigsDigs

Christmas balls in guirlanda Photo by Happy Holidays Blog

55. Guirlanda with Christmas balls in classic seasonal colors. Photo from Happy Holidays Blog

Golden Christmas tree balls Photo by HGTV

56. Golden Christmas balls on a Christmas tree. Photo by HGTV

Transparent Christmas balls with sheet music flaps Photo by Homemade Lively

57. Transparent Christmas balls with shreds of sheet music. Photo by Homemade Lively

Christmas balls with old photo Live Master

58. Christmas balls with old photo. Photo of Live Master

Fun Christmas balls in pink Christmas tree Photo by Aww Sam

59. Modern little tree with fun Christmas balls. Photo by Aww Sam

Themed Christmas balls Photo by Pinterest

60. Themed Christmas balls. Photo by Pinterest

Colorful Christmas balls looking like party globes Photo by Que Andan Diciendo

61. Colorful Christmas balls looking like party globes. Photo by Que Andan Diciendo

Wooden Christmas balls Photo by Rae Gun Ramblings

62. Wooden homemade Christmas balls. Photo by Rae Gun Ramblings

Christmas balls of emojis in pink tree Photo by Simplichique

63. Christmas balls of emojis in pink tree. Photo by Simplichique

Christmas balls as Christmas characters Photo by Stardust Modern Design

64. Christmas balls with Christmas characters. Photo by Stardust Modern Design

Giant Christmas balls Photo by The Green Head

65. Giant Christmas balls in external decoration. Photo by The Green Head

Red Christmas balls in table ornament Photo by The Happy Heathen

66. Table ornament with red Christmas balls. Photo by The Happy Heathen

Christmas balls in classic Christmas colors Photo by WNMU

67. Christmas balls in classic Christmas colors. Photo by WNMU

Colored Christmas balls with names Photo from Ornament Shop

68. Colored Christmas balls with hand-painted names. Photo from Ornament Shop

christmas balls - arrangement with christmas balls

69. Christmas balls can form a unique ornament. Photo: 1001 Ideas

Christmas balls - decorated blue ball

70. Christmas balls can have various colors. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - ball with beads

71. Beads are great for making Christmas balls. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - blue christmas ball with pendant

72. Christmas balls never get too decorative. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - christmas ball with frills

73. You can decorate your Christmas balls in many ways. Photo: All Special

christmas balls - Christmas ball with buttons

74. Buttons are great for composing Christmas balls. Photo: Arte Amiga

christmas balls - christmas ball with black and white fabric

75. Fabrics are also perfect for coating Christmas balls. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - christmas ball in papa noel format

76. Your Christmas balls can reproduce Papei Noel. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - white christmas balls with beads

77. Your Christmas balls can be delicate. Photo: Pinterest

Christmas balls - Christmas balls with paper flowers

78. Paper flowers may be the missing detail in your Christmas balls. Photo: Pinterest

christmas balls - christmas balls with quicklaced fabric

79. Ties are great for composing Christmas balls. Photo: Very chic

christmas balls - fabric christmas balls

80. You can make your Christmas balls out of fabrics only. Photo: Pinterest