It is well known, the human being is full of contradictions … and it also affects the language! so here's a list of English proverbs who simply have the peculiarity of to contradict oneself ! Of course, as a bonus we also offer their translations! Let's go !

All good things come to those who wait = Everything comes to those who wait
Time and Tide wait for none = The lost time never catches up

The pen is mighter than the sword = The feather is stronger than the sword
Actions speak louder than words = Acts are worth more than words

Great minds think alike = Great minds meet
Fools seldom differ = Fools recognize each other

The best things in life are free = Money does not make happiness
There's no such thing as a free lunch = Nothing is free in life

Slow and steady wins the race = Nothing serves to run, it is necessary to start
Time waits for none = Time is not waiting

Look before you leap = We must think before acting
Strike while the iron is hot = You have to beat the iron while it is hot

Do it well, or not all = Do good or not at all
Half a loaf is better than none = For lack of thrushes we eat blackbirds

Birds of a feather flock together = Who looks alike
Opposites attract = Opposites attract each other

Do not cross your bridges before you come to them = Everything in its time
Forewarned is forearmed = A wise man is worth two

Doubt is the beginning of wisdom = Doubt is the beginning of wisdom
Faith will move mountains Faith moves mountains

Great start make great finishes = Getting started leads to a good finish / A good start, half done work
It's not over it's over = As long as there is life, there is hope / All hopes are still allowed

Practice makes perfect = It is by forging that one becomes blacksmith
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy = One abgrats oneself to always work

Silence is golden = Silence is goldenEnglish proverb that contradicts itself
The squeaky wheel gets the grease = Who will shout the loudest / Who does not ask for anything?

You're never too old to learn = It's never too late to do it right
You can not teach an old dog new tricks = We do not teach an old monkey to wince

What's good for the gander = What is good for one is good for the other
One man's meat is another man's poison = The happiness of some is the misfortune of others

Absence makes the heart grow fonder = Absence stirs passions / Distance strengthens feelings
Out of sight, out of mind = Far from the eyes, far from the heart

Too many cooks spoil the broth = Too many cooks spoil the sauce
Many hands make light work = The union is strength

Hold fast to the words of your ancestors = Remember what your ancestors are saying
Wise men make proverbs and fools = Sages create proverbs and fools repeat them

In view of this last proverb, I will be rather a fool! … But a fool for the good cause because I hope you enjoy this article and that you will conclude each of your conversations with a proverb! ūüôā For the great romantics who are slumbering in you and if you want to impress your half will find inspiration with our article dedicated exclusively to English proverbs about love!