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The first years of life are the coolest to celebrate. Children overflow with excitement! After all, the birthday is a day entirely dedicated to them. Friends arrive at the party with gifts, they steal candy before the congratulations and the fun is guaranteed! That’s why, when inviting friends and family to this special day, you need to hand in a children’s birthday invitation that’s up to the task.

The children’s birthday invitation needs to be creative and represent the party, even if it is in a simple way. The important thing is that the invitation arouses the curiosity of the guests and makes them feel anxious for the big day.

The good news is that you find a wide variety of children’s birthday invitation models. They have simple invitations, from those you buy ready at the stationery store and fill out the main information of the party. Creative templates that you can do at home… and even virtual invitations, to invite via WhatsApp and Email.

Children's birthday invitation fox and forest animals

1. Invitation to fox and forest animals children’s birthday – Photo: Pinterst

To help you choose the best model for your children’s birthday invitation, we’ve put together here the best tips for you to kick ass in producing the invitation. Check out our tips, get inspired by the models we’ve selected and learn the best way to make a children’s birthday invitation. Check it out!

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How to make a children’s birthday invitation

You can only start thinking about the children’s birthday invitation model once you have the theme, day, time and place of the party set.

It’s important to have the birthday theme because it’s the one that will help you design the creative children’s birthday invitations. An enchanted garden theme party, for example, can have a beautiful envelope made of doille – a lace mimicking paper – and the invitation with the party information full of flowers and delicate details.

Children's Birthday Invitation butterflies

2. Invitation for children’s birthday butterflies – Photo: Elo7

Buy the products in the picture above:

Buy the products in the picture above:

In the photo above, the doille was used to decorate the butterfly’s wings and the coiled invitation complemented the enchanting invitation!

But if you want a simpler children’s birthday invitation, you can buy a brown envelope and make an invitation artwork according to the theme of the party. Below, the safari party was represented by a beautiful watercolor illustration invitation.

Male children's birthday invitation in the forest

3. Male children’s birthday invitation in the forest – Photo: Elo7

You can use your imagination to make beautiful creative children’s birthday invitations. There are no rules!

What do you write in an invitation?

The main question about the children’s birthday invitation is what you write on it, but incredible as it may seem, the answer is quite simple: you should write on the children’s birthday invitation any information that is relevant to your guest.

Therefore, you can consider the following basic information:

  • Special phrase inviting;
  • Date;
  • Time;
  • Party venue;
  • If you find it interesting, you can put a small map to help locate it;
  • Confirmation of attendance (Only if you think it is necessary to add).

Phrases for children’s birthday invitation

Phrases for children’s birthday invitations should call for the party in a creative way. The guest must feel special when receiving the children’s birthday invitation. For this to happen, you can use the birthday theme to create an interesting sentence, as was done in the male children’s birthday invitation we separate below:

Children's birthday invitation football

4. Children’s football birthday invitation – Photo: ELo7

Buy the products in the picture above:

Buy the products in the picture above:

To help you with your creativity, we’ve selected some phrases for children’s birthday invitations that are super interesting. Check out and customize your favorite according to your kids’ party!

  • A precious life that came into the world to bring more smiles, happiness and endless love deserves to be celebrated with all the joy in the world! Come and join us in this moment.
  • Daddy, Mommy and all the animals from the (child’s name) farm are waiting for you to celebrate their ___ birthday together.
  • I’m going to complete another phase and build a big party to celebrate. You can’t miss it!
  • Dreams, fantasies and reality. I’m the reason for so much happiness! And now it’s my time to celebrate ___ of pure trickery!
  • Attention super hero: You are invited to my ____ birthday to save the day together with lots of adventure and fun!
  • Celebrating my day without his presence will be no fun at all! Come to my ____ birthday party to make me even happier!
  • Mommy, Daddy and I are preparing a delicious party and you are our special guest!
  • Canine Patrol invites you on a great adventure! Come and join this super mission with me!
  • In a frozen world of adventure anything can happen! Come with me, with Ana, Elsa and Olaf to have fun together at my birthday party!
  • Mommy and Daddy’s dream is completing__________A us!
  • Come celebrate this joy with us on the anniversary of ___;
  • A little party full of surprises is waiting for you. We count on your presence!
  • Little friends, every one of you is important to me. I count on you all at my big birthday party!
  • We’ll have balloons of air and water, cake and much, much joy. You are one of the people invited to this little party!
  • It’s my party, you just need to bring a present. Welcome to my birthday party!

Choose one of these phrases for a children’s birthday invitation and hand out beautiful, personalized invitations!

It is also worth remembering that having a phrase is not mandatory for your invitation. The male children’s birthday invitation below has only the basic information of the party, but it impresses with the sensational football design.

Male Child Birthday Invitation

5. Male children’s birthday invitation football party – Photo: Elo7

How long before I have to hand in my birthday invitation?

Vyou can deliver the children’s birthday invitation in the banner one month before the party. It’s the perfect time for guests to set the date on their agenda, buy gifts and get ready for the special day.

We don’t indicate much that you deliver months in advance, as guests may forget the party and make other appointments on the same day. Hand in the invitation about a month before it goes very well!

Creative children's birthday invitations

6. Creative Children’s Birthday Invitations – Photo: My Party

Buy the products in the picture above:

Buy the products in the picture above:

Check out our gallery with creative children’s birthday invitations and get inspired!

Invitation and children's birthday with flowers

7. Invitation and children’s birthday with flowers – Photo: DH Gate

Children's Owl Birthday Invitation

8. Children’s Owl Birthday Invitation – Photo: Elo7

Creative colorful children's birthday invitation

9. Invitation to creative colorful children’s birthday – Photo: Parties

Children's and creative rainbow birthday invitation

10. Children’s and creative rainbow birthday invitation – Photo: Tips from Japa

Children's Birthday Invitation amusement park

11. Invitation for children’s birthday amusement park – Photo: Casa Abril

Children's and creative castle birthday invitation

12. Children’s and creative castle birthday invitation – Photo: Pinterest

Dinosaur children's birthday invitation

13. Dinosaur children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Pinteret

Creative children's birthday invitation

14. Creative children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Elo7

Children's Birthday Invitation

15. Children’s Birthday Invitation to Slumber Party – Photo: My Party

Invitation to floral children's birthday

16. Invitation to floral children’s birthday – Photo: Ateliê das Horas Vagas

Children's Birthday Invitation

17. Children’s birthday invitation with super creative details – Photo: Baby blog Freya

Ballerina party with a children's birthday invitation

18. Ballerina party with a super delicate children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Digital Invitation

Children's birthday invitation with flags

19. Children’s birthday invitation with flags – Photo: Etsy

Children's Birthday Invitation

20. Children’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: Invitation templates

Floral invitation for tropical birthday

21. Floral invitation for tropical birthday – Photo: Pinterest

Invitation to super heroes' birthdays

22. Invitation to super heroes’ birthdays – Photo: Revista Artesanato

Children's birthday invitation with flags

23. Children’s Birthday Invitation with flags – Photo: Zazzle

Frozen children's birthday invitation

24. Frozen children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Pinterest

Male heroes' birthday invitation

25. Invitation to the heroes’ children’s birthday – Photo: Examples

Invitation to super heroes' birthdays

26. Invitation to super heroes’ birthday – Photo: Elo7

Children's Birthday Invitation to Enchanted Garden

27. Children’s Birthday Invitation to Enchanted Garden – Photo: Pinterest

Ladybug's Birthday Invitation

28. Ladybug’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: A Minha Festinha

ladybug children's birthday invitation

29. ladybug children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Polly Arts

Invitation to party with Magali theme

30. Invitation to party with Magali theme – Photo: Parties. Website

Children's birthday invitation with mario

31. Children’s birthday invitation with mario – Photo: Revista Artesanato

Children's Pirate Birthday Invitation

32. Children’s Pirate Birthday Invitation – Photo: Magazine 25

Pink children's birthday invitation

33. Invitation to children’s birthday in pink – Photo: WebComunica

Children's safari birthday invitation

34. Children’s safari birthday invitation – Photo: A Minha Festinha

Mermaid's Birthday Invitation

35. Mermaid’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: Revista Artesanato

Children's birthday invitation avengers

36. Children’s Birthday Invitation Avengers – Photo: Art with Style

Pink balloon virtual children's birthday invitation

37. Invitation for virtual pink balloon children’s birthday – Photo: Template

Children's and virtual birthday invitation

38. Children’s and virtual birthday invitation – Photo: Joy in the box

Male Child Birthday Invitation

39. Male children’s birthday invitation – Photo: Pinterest

Pink and gold children's birthday invitation

40. Invitation to pink and gold children’s birthday – Photo: Mothers and Babies

Invitation to tropical children's party

41. Invitation to tropical children’s party – Photo: Party. Website

Enchanted garden invitation with blue packaging

42. Invitation garden enchanted with blue packaging – Photo: Creative World Varieties

Children's Birthday Invitations

43. Children’s Birthday Invitations – Photo: Macetes from mother

Alice in Wonderland Children's Birthday Invitation

44. Children’s birthday invitation Alice in Wonderland – Photo: Square Lemon

Unicorns' Birthday Invitation

45. Invitation to unicorns children’s birthday – Photo: Freepik

Creative children's birthday invitations

46. Creative children’s birthday invitations – Photo: Parties. Website

Children's Birthday Invitation 2 years

47. Children’s Birthday Invitation 2 years – Photo: Artesanei

Alice in Wonderland Digital Children's Birthday Invitation

48. Alice in Wonderland Digital Children’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: Elo7

Children's Birthday Invitation in xicara format

49. Children’s Birthday Invitation in xicara format – Photo: MrPrintables

Alice's children's birthday invitation in wonderland

50. Alice’s children’s birthday invitation in wonderland – Photo: Pinterest

Children's Birthday Invitation

51. Children’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: Cute Designs

Dancer's Birthday Invitation

52. Children’s Birthday Invitation – Photo: Biz Parties

Children's birthday invitation pajamas bananas

53. Children’s birthday invitation pajamas bananas – Photo: My Party

Children's Birthday Invitation butterflies

54. Invitation for children’s birthday butterflies – Photo: Pinterest

Children's Birthday Invitation Captain america

55. Children’s Birthday Invitation Captain america – Photo: Pinterest

Captain America's Children's Birthday Invitation Envelope

56. Children’s birthday invitation envelope of captain america – Photo: Pinterest

Children's Halloween Invitation

57. Invitation for children’s halloween birthday – Photo: Parties

Children's birthday invitation with animals

58. Invitation for children’s birthday with animals in printed and digital version – Photo: Elo7

Children's Birthday Invitation

59. Children’s birthday invitation with doille lace details – Photo: Pinterest

Children's birthday invitation with doille

60. Children’s birthday invitation with doille – Photo: Pinterest